Joint pain treatments in Letchworth 

Suffering from joint pain or stiff joints? Visit Letchworth Physiotherapy for a therapy session. We are a premier physiotherapy centre for patients in Hertfordshire. 

Symptoms of osteoarthritis 

There are various symptoms that will alert you about the severity of your osteoarthritis. Joint pain is the most common symptom of osteoarthritis. A physiotherapist can give you professional advice on your condition. 

Some common symptoms are: 
  • Stiffness in joints
  • Creaking of joints, you may feel a grinding sensation as you move
  • Inability to use joints normally 
  • Frequent or continuous pain in joints 
You may also notice that weather conditions make your pain worse. If that happens, it is time you visited Letchworth Physiotherapy in Hertfordshire. 

osteoarthritis treatments
joint pain

Exercise for relief from joint pain 

Though exercising is always good for overall health, you need to do specific exercises to ensure that your joint pain and stiff joints are relieved. Generally, strengthening and aerobic exercises are recommended for osteoarthritis. Our physiotherapist will advise you on the most effective exercises for you. Sometimes, hydrotherapy may also be recommended. Contact us for details. 
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"I first visited Gary 25 years ago as I was unable to move my neck to a certain angle after years of driving and bad posture. I was able to move my neck to normal positions after only a few treatments and the exercises he gave me that I do to this day. Several years later, I sadly suffered a horrible car accident and I had no option but to change the way I worked, I honestly thought I would never be pain-free again. After sessions, I was able to function normally and I still visit when I need to have traction and a manipulation every 3 or 4 months as I stiffen up due to my work as a therapist.

Gary has been a God send to me! He always thoroughly examines me and the treatment is professional and friendly. I always leave feeling so much better. I have recommended my clients over the years and I always hear the same thing 'why didn't I find him sooner!'

Gary has years of experience and I thoroughly recommend him."
Call us on 01462 482 009 for joint pain treatments in Letchworth.
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