Treatment for orthopaedic injuries in Letchworth 

Are you suffering from orthopaedic injuries or sports injuries? Visit Letchworth Physiotherapy for a consultation if you are in Hertfordshire. 

Getting to the root of your neck and shoulder pain 

Neck and should pain is quite common these days. However, every patient has a different reason to have developed this pain. Whether it is due to incorrect posture, diet or an injury, we’ll diagnose the issue thoroughly before suggesting a treatment. At Letchworth Physiotherapy, we also treat all types of knee and ankle conditions. It goes without saying that our therapy sessions are tailored to suit individual health conditions. Feel free to schedule an appointment with our therapist in Hertfordshire. 
Sports injury
shoulder pain
back pain

As a premier injury clinic in Letchworth, we offer 

  • Interferential electrotherapy
  • Ultra-sound
  • Orthosonic phys-assist
  • Cryonic therapy
  • Traction
  • Manipulation
  • Mobilisation
  • Lower back pain treatment 
  • Assistance in managing knee and ankle conditions
  • Sciatica treatment 

"I've just seen Gary for yet another injury. The good news is that if it can be fixed, he'll sort it and if not, he'll know who or what to recommend!

I've been using Gary Smith for over 20 years now, mainly for sport-related injuries, and more recently for age-related problems. I know how difficult it is to find someone you can trust, and I'm so pleased Gary's clinic was recommended all those years ago. He manages to combine a pleasant, relaxed manner with a professional approach to the client, I have every confidence in him and am more than pleased to be able to provide a positive review."
Call your local injury clinic on 01462 482 009 to find out about how to manage orthopaedic injuries. 
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