Sports Injuries

Sport related injury treatment in Letchworth 

If you have suffered a sport related injury, then the sooner you get it treated, the better. Ignoring the pain may aggravate the problem. Visit Letchworth Physiotherapy for a treatment if you are in Hertfordshire. 

A trusted physiotherapy clinic 

Whether you are professional sportsperson or an amateur player, the experts at Letchworth Physiotherapy will offer you therapy that will suit your health condition. We have treated many sportspersons in the past and that makes us a preferred clinic for those suffering from sports injuries, in Letchworth. Our prices are highly competitive and we are based in Hertfordshire. 
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We can treat sport related injury and: 

  • Muscle tears 
  • All types sprains and strains 
  • Tennis elbow
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Ligament injuries 

"In all seriousness, Gary's the man I trust implicitly to put me back in shape when I need it. A sports physio who has relieved me from pain many times , regrettably due to my 62 years of wear and tear more so than my athleticism but nonetheless his experienced hands have worked wonders. Not only is he very knowledgeable, but a more caring and polite gentleman I don't think you could meet. I have recommended many friends and family and will continue to do so as he has always come good for me sometimes over several sessions and others on one-off appointments but he never fails to sort the problem. 
Thanks Gary you're the man I love to hate!
Call us on 01462 482 009 to schedule a sport related injury treatment session in Letchworth.
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